Current Projects

Tummy Series

Portaiture...with a twist; whimsy bringing out out candid playfulness and personality.


Soft, emotive, and delicate series aimed at wistful emotions combined with a gentle voyeuristic touch.


Visual paradox: emotionally and physically explicit body parts showcased on a stark, sterile stage.

Pic 1

General Gallery: Fashion to Fetish, DarkArt to Erotica. Also including older imagery redone or retouched.

Pic 5

Faces: Images I've separated into a separate gallery to create a portraiture/headshot series.

Pic 3

Bodyscape: Toying with shapes and shadows. Also including various other figure nude images.

Pic 4

The Tori Project: A Series devoted to songs written and performed by Tori Amos, my favorite musical artist.

Pic 8

AutoErotica: Collage images in a burgeoning (explicit) personal project. Double entendre intentional.

Pic 5

History: A chronological timeline of every photoshoot I've ever had, featuring one image from each.